Human Resourcing

Human resourcing is the essential scope of supply in our company. That is to say since the establishment of Tehran Pakco Company, which is 40 year extensive experience, we have honor to declare that every single ministry has been provided with our brilliant services in Iran territory considering the noticeable point that in some periods the personnel procurement were exceeding 7,000 people. Our main goal is to become of our principals' interest inasmuch we believe if an organization appoints a private section to outsource its human resourcing, all the related difficulties will be settled. That would be to keep away the principal from being bound with such problems and concerns. We have the pleasure to say that within our efficient company lifetime, success has been with us like having long term agreements e.g. 15 years with so many governmental organizations and manufacturing units as well as the private sections which prove the full satisfaction of our valuable clients. Our other crucial target is to have the pertinent employees pleased. Accordingly, being on time to pay the salaries has been always our priority since we trust this approach definitely helps them with balance their income and expenses as this necessity will directly affect their efficiency.



Catering is one our professional expertise, and from this aspect we are pleased to certify that our corporation is the only private section all over Iran who has served the Airline Catering. In addition, we have been providing lots of Industries, mills, hospitals, and the faculties with our brilliant services. It is worth noting that in some cases we cater for more than 25,000 people which is of course a part of our potential.



Nowadays, most of the organizations are outsourcing their stuff transportation for which the private sections take accountability for. Thanks to the brand-new vehicles such as sedans, vans, and also buses belonging to our company, we are honored to facilitate the commute of our esteemed clients.


Loading & unloading

Our company has a collection of the "loading & unloading" machinery including:

  • 40 Forklifts
  • 15 Pick-up trucks
  • 5 Delivery trucks


Green Space Conservation and Management

We have been specializing in the aforementioned area updating our knowledge constantly as we believe Greenery management is a category which requires specific know-how being fulfilled only by the academic experts.